The All-New Advanced Textile Boot Sock. Keeping Feet Dry, Odor Free and Rested After Exertion.

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"I think their fantastic, I think these socks are better than any other sock I have purchased. I like the fit. When first received they felt rough and scratchy. Sent to wash and they came out soft. They really do refresh after washing. Compression is just right. These would be great on an airplane for foot swelling. I am looking forward to hiking next week."


I put them through days of testing. I wore them for at least four different boots and wore them in cool and hot weather. My feet stayed really warm and comfortable all day and I put in 12 hrs a day.

Sean Coombs - Owner of Muddy Boots Organic Farm

"They felt extremely comfortable in my shoes, compressing my feet but not suffocating them. My feet stayed dry, but also the socks aloud my feet to breath. The house we stayed at had wooden floors. I found the socks allowed me to run and slide across the floors very easily (mores so than normal socks). However, I did not find that they were slippery when walking. Rather, they provided appropriate traction for whichever surface I was walking on."

Luke P.

"I really like the weight and the thickness. I also like the fact they don't have a huge seam in the toes that rubs your toes, overall I would say they are very nice, probably my favorite ones that I have in wool because most of them are so thick I can't get them in my boots."

Tommy J.

"The socks are great, comfort, soft. I sweat on my feet a lot and it creates the smelly shoes but, the socks absorbed the smell inside of the sock more than the shoe versus regular socks. Usually, the sweat seeps through into my shoes."

Eric B.

"I love travelling, walking, hiking, bicycling... and I believe I've found the perfect socks for all those activities! They are incredibly comfortable and the antibacterial and moisture management system is great. I truly recommend them."

Jean I.

"The socks are great for my workouts and they deliver a light compression. They have a built in compression which helps support the feet.

I am back to running more, and I don't feel too sore after like before. My son likes his socks and he uses them for ever day casual wear because they are comfortable."

Ewa T.


Ease of Entry & Exit

Low-friction zones allow you to slide into and out of any boot with 40% less effort.

Reduced Foot Fatigue

The weave promotes blood flow to keep feet feeling rested after a long day.

Blister Reduction

Moisture wicking prevents perpetually wet feet which leads to blisters.

Moisture Management System

Wicking action transports fluids through channels in the sock for evaporation so feet stay dry.

Advanced Technology

Fibers refresh after washes to last longer and a consistent fit. So you’ll be the first to have a sock like this.

Chemical Free

Chemical free lab-tested antimicrobials are used to combat bacteria. And no metals to leach into your skin.


CareRemote vs Others

CareRemote Sock Powered by EZ Glider Technology

Other Socks

Blister Control from Strategically Placed Fibers over hot zones on the foot



100% All-Natural Organic Antimicrobials for Anti odor


Some do, yet may contain metals that can leach into the skin

Increases Blood Circulation to the Feet and Legs


Yes, A few of the compression socks out there do

Moisture Wicking Management



Fibers Refresh After Washes



Easily Boot Entry/Exit



Multi-wear 3-in-1 Weave Sock (can be worn with hiking boots, dress shoes, running shoes)



Proprietary Triple Fiber Weave & Fabric



Keeps feet warm



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