Our Story, Manifesto & Values

CareRemote has fused health and technology to create the most comfortable, long-lasting, breathable boot sock.

At CareRemote, we want to be clear about our products. Clear about what we stand for. 

Over the years, we worked in the health and technology industry, one of the fastest changing and challenging industries in the world.

We ran a health and technology company focused on telemedicine for the past 8 years, with lots of clients, re-creating the field of healthcare and technology, working with some of the most advanced technologies in healthcare and creating a network of individuals who have mastered their craft in fields like engineering, textiles, design, surgery, business, and humanity.

After a lot of failure and success as well, we then decided to add physical products to our product line. 

Our history of business, technology and partnerships gained over a decade, has led to the creation of quality health products.

We’d like to share a few ideas about what we’ve learned: 

Most modern socks are the same fabric and weave and it’s been like this for the past 50 years.

Socks are not really created to solve problems like the common problem of odor, moisture, ease of entry/exit to a boot

An advanced textile in a sock can perform and do so much more like restore blood flow to the feet, keeping the feet rested.

CareRemote has fused health and technology to create the most comfortable, long-lasting, breathable boot sock.

We work with our partners to source the highest quality raw materials such as natural occurring organic elements of the earth, and 100% All Natural Organic Antimicrobials.

At CareRemote taking human anatomy into account. It’is at the forefront of what we do. Our products are made for people. 

At CareRemote we know that our customers want the best and they know what they want. 

At CareRemote we sell a sock that is derived from the most advanced textile products to support optimal health. 

We aspire to create a sock that is functional, fashionable. We created a sock with a unique fabric and weave. 

And in terms of being sustainable, we strive to create products that look good and have 100% organic antimicrobials. This reduces the impact on landfills.

Your support will help individuals and communities battle poverty and hunger. 

We've seen the devastation caused by Coronavirus and the great need to address the problem of hunger. 

We work with local organizations on the challenge of hunger. The areas of focus are Disaster Relief i.e. Coronavirus, school breakfast, after school programs, food skills education, summer meals.

At Care Remote were in support of small and local businesses. 

But why? 

We care about the community. We've realized that without community we don't have much. This is home for us. 

Local small businesses work hard to deliver products that are different- they have character. Care Remote believes that every human being is unique and it's the personal experiences, skills and  heart and soul that comes through in these products. 

Local companies are concerned about a quality product. 

We're a small boutequish company that can deliver on a large scale. And we'll always be that way.

By supporting us we are able to support our small businesses and local communities with products that they need and by helping to promote these businesses.

You can help by sharing our messages, following on social, sharing the deals and announcements that we send out and joining our email list. - join us. 

No one wants a poor‑quality sock.

For the last 50 years most socks out there have the same…

Same design…

Same fabric…

Same weave…

Same result…

We believe that a sock should perform.

And we care so much that we’ve put together a team of experts.

We wanted to create something tangible.

Something that would directly impact people’s lives.

And it is rewarding. The messages, testimonials, and thanks we get from thousands of customers. We may be playing favorites but, we believe that creating products that impact our health and well-being is one of the most important jobs in the world. On top of that, we're making an impact not for show or publicity but, to make our world a better place. So, we ask you this, will you help us? Subscribe to our email list below.

Our founder Victor Phillips, spent many years traveling the world and learning about the human body. He lived with a group of doctors for about 8 years, training, living and sharing thoughts ideas and strategies on healthHe began to discover ways to fuse health and technology to improve lives in three areas: the outdoors, casually and therapeutically. 

He had issues while moving between environments and he had to change socks between activities. He wanted something that was easy to get on, breathable, anti-odor, kept the feet dry and comfortable. He worked with a textile company here in the United States and the Care Remote sock brand was history.  

He enjoys hiking, skiing, tennis, martial arts, body weight training, learning languages and Sacher Torte.

Our products and mission are truly something unique. We urge you to join us by subscribing to our email list. 

Our beliefs:

  • We believe that products should deliver. And do what they say they do.
  • We believe that every customer and employee should be treated like family.
  • We believe in simplicity and not being wasteful.
  • We believe that you should be proud to own the products that we sell and that you can trust these products with your family.
  • We believe in the long-game. We'll opt for the 20-mile march and just keep going. We never give up.
  • We believe that people are unique. Unique because everyone is different and we judge people by the character not their skin color.
  • We believe that technology is a powerful tool and screens have their place yet, nothing replaces interacting with your surroundings and other people
  • We believe in quality craftsmanship and this is not compromised for anything.
  • We believe in honesty and integrity.
  • We believe that people have the power to design their own lives.
  • We believe that health takes place outside of a hospital setting. Much of it is social. We think health is composed of things like eating properly, exercise, family, relationships and career
  • We believe that people can live outside their prescribed boundaries
  • We believe that the sock industry has offered the same product for many years. It's time for a new way forward.
  • Technology can be applied to in ways that improve lives.
  • We believe in supporting local and small businesses

That is why we went out and made something that supports one of the most important parts of your body - your legs and feet. It’s a multi-wear boot sock.

Mind if we add you to our update list?