About Our Product

There is high demand for change in places we’re not looking.
Like the socks that we wear.

You have all of the right gadgets and tools except one.

The right sock.

 Do you know how much the products you choose impact your lifestyle?

It makes a HUGE difference! I'm sure you have experienced these quality differences first hand! 

We’ve created a multi-wear boot sock for- The outdoors, casual wear and  

therapeutic use..

They last longer and refresh and maintain their shape after  

numerous washes.

Our 3-in-1 sock has a proprietary weave. 

And it’s the construction that speeds up recovery after work or exercise.

These socks are designed to support the legs and feet.

Leaving you feeling safe and comfortable.


feet dry and fresh after that 20-mile march. All-Natural anti-odor protection  

lab-tested in fighting embarrassing odor.  

Low friction zones that reduce blisters. 

We  use chemical-free processing preventing exposure to heavy metals.  

A rare gem for you - put on or take off the tightest boot or shoe with ease. You'll notice  a seamless and contoured shape that form fits. 

After a few hours, you’re never gonna  want to take them off.  

Join us on our mission to help you optimize your health and lifestyle

The Saturday morning coffee drinker wants to look good with the dog.

It takes toughness to handle a long trek or hike through a landmass. But, Simon has what it takes.

Balance. Agility. Acumen. A Desire for something greater. And there is high demand for change in places we’re not looking.

Like the socks that we wear.

Simon is a Saturday morning coffee drinker so he won’t admit that technology has passed him by.

He has all of the right gadgets and tools in his life except one.

The right sock.

That’s where CareRemote comes in. Between your need for the best, and our proven advanced textile socks, we make a sock that provides comfort and support like it’s nobody else’s business.

There are many knock-offs in the sock industry. It’s a common thing nowadays, these socks have surface changes that look great and sell for a lower price.

But, these socks fall short. They fall short of your expectations as a customer.

We sell one the highest quality performance socks on the market. Yes, they’re expensive. 

Here’s why they're so expensive: because we sell a sock that has a proprietary weave and fabric. 

It is designed by taking the human body in account. 

An internal structure allows evaporation of moisture. 100% all-natural organic antibacterials without any metals keep your feet and legs free of bacteria. And they fit as if they are a part of you. 

Below is a walkthrough of
solutions that our socks offer:

  • 40% Easier to Slide in and out of ski or hiking boots like a knife through butter. Strategic fibers were placed over areas of the foot like the instep, ball of foot and heel.
  • Voided yarns move moisture away from the foot and up the sock like a straw being used to suck up a fluid.
  • Fibers that stretch and adapt like ‘smart fibers’ to meet the needs of the human foot.
  • Compression options for the daylong circulatory support for tired feet.
  • Keep your feet dry with 100% ALL NATURAL Antibacterial and a moisture zapping management system built-into the sock.
  • Long lasting and shape retaining socks that maintain shop after other socks have been worn out.

CareRemote socks allow people to perform better.

Our guarantee is as good as our sock. And if it doesn’t work out for you, we'll replace the product.

That’s right. You read it correctly.

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