Statement of Vision

We believe that high tech can occur in low tech places. Our experiences are based on how we interact with our environment. We believe being your best takes place outside of a hospital setting outdoors, with family or friends and during recovery.

Fishing on a Saturday morning. Going for a run. Spending time with family. Enjoying a cup of coffee. Recovering after powder day.

We want people to experience technology in places there not looking. We work to provide a product that works. And does it what it says it does.

A product that you can be proud of wearing because it was designed for you. And this is why we created a product that reaches across the spectrum of life outdoors, casually and therapeutically.

Reimagine the sock industry with a new boot sock, inspire others to optimal health

Statement of Mission

To fuse health and technology in a way that allows the best experiences in the outdoors. And to inspire others to achieve optimal health.

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