"I think their fantastic, I think these socks are better than any other sock I have purchased. I like the fit. When first received they felt rough and scratchy. Sent to wash and they came out soft. They really do refresh after washing. Compression is just right. These would be great on an airplane for foot swelling. I am looking forward to hiking next week."


"They felt extremely comfortable in my shoes, compressing my feet but not suffocating them. My feet stayed dry, but also the socks aloud my feet to breath. The house we stayed at had wooden floors. I found the socks allowed me to run and slide across the floors very easily (mores so than normal socks). However, I did not find that they were slippery when walking. Rather, they provided appropriate traction for whichever surface I was walking on."


"I really like the weight and the thickness. I also like the fact they don't have a huge seam in the toes that rubs your toes, overall I would say they are very nice, probably my favorite ones that I have in wool because most of them are so thick I can't get them in my boots."


"The socks are great, comfort, soft. I sweat on my feet a lot and it creates the smelly shoes but, the socks absorbed the smell inside of the sock more than the shoe versus regular socks. Usually, the sweat seeps through into my shoes."

Eric B.

"I love travelling, walking, hiking, bicycling... and I believe I've found the perfect socks for all those activities! They are incredibly comfortable and the antibacterial and moisture management system is great. I truly recommend them."

Jean I.

"I appreciate the interesting technology in these sheets especially the eco-friendly moisture management and bacteria fighting features. Better on the environment with less washing required."

Bill C., Abilene, Texas

"Chem-free construction and antimicrobial performance were the features that caught my eye. How wonderful to find that these sheets look and feel as great as they work!"

Kanya Z.
Saco, Maine

“Superb quality. I have a few and I don’t leave home without them.”

Jeff Fredrickson.
Houston, Texas

“The quality design and fabric gives me extra confidence in public and at work.”

Sarah Russell.
Portland Maine

"These socks are crazy comfortable. After a working on my feet for a 12-hour period. I felt like these are the best socks I've ever worn. They don't slide. They stay where you put them and are very lightweight." 

Mr. Olson

"Socks are nice. High quality - really nice fabric. Only downside is the fabric attracts cat hair. As long as you don't have pets, they are great."

AHS Professional Hiker

Thank you so much and I’m still in the socks as I write this.

The socks are magic it’s like they are a part of me like I was telling you about my achilles and about my feet and The socks compress any swelling and I  have had them on since the night I received them.  I appreciate you very much and I'll wear the socks when I’m on my feet all day.  Thank you again. 

Anthony H.

Well we finally had enough cold weather here in Texas that I got to wear them for a few days. I really like the weight and thickness.  I also like the fact they don't have a huge seam in the toes that rubs your toes,  overall I would say they are very nice, probably my favorite ones that I have in wool because most of them are so thick I can't get them in my boots. Thank you again for everything.

John L.

I used the socks for the first time over Thanksgiving when we went hiking and the weather was cold and wet. Honestly, there was a noticeable difference. My feet were warm but not sweaty. Where I would normally get blisters from my winter boots, I did not while wearing these socks. Thanks so much!

Brittany P.

The socks are great! Super comfy and feel supported. I’ve worn them in my peloton rides and my ankle feels secure! 

Gabrielle Z.

They are great socks. The wool is very nice.  I like the fit too.  The toe seam is super-nice and they seem like they’re well suited to folks with higher volume calves. They stay up better when I wore them over long underwear with waders.I normally wear nice over the calf ski socks under waders.

Bruce H.

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