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25 ideas on the best socks for breathability, blister reduction, odor reduction, comfort, durability and fit


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Socks are such an integral part of your wardrobe. They can affect your comfort, your hygiene and your relationships. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to choose the right socks. Not only do they have very little idea about all the things they need to consider, but they may also not know how to find the right information.

To help you get up to speed with your socks-related learning, we’ve compiled a list of the 25 best blogs on socks. Each of these blogs deal with one of 6 very important factors that affect your experience with socks.

Check out these 25 socks blogs and learn more about the fabulous and super helpful garment—socks. We're doing something different today. Some of the ideas are simple, and based on good old fashion common sense. 

Breathability & sweating

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Here’s our pick for the best blogs to read if you want to reduce sweating when wearing socks:

  1.  The comprehensive guide to washing socks the right way to remove sweat stains

Sweat can prevent your socks from breathing properly and also result in ungainly stains. Remove these sweat stains with ease, while also allowing your feet to breathe.

  1.   The science behind moisture wicking socks

Did you know that there are certain socks that are specifically designed to resist moisture accumulation? Read all about such moisture wicking socks in this blog.

  1.     The 10 best socks for people with sweaty feet

Do your feet tend to sweat more than others’? Don’t be embarrassed. Get your hands on these amazing pairs of socks and you can say goodbye to clammy and stinky feet in no time.

  1.   Why Merino wool makes the most breathable and anti-sweat socks

Most people tend to buy cotton socks. But here’s why Merino wool should be your top choice if you want breathable socks.

Blister reduction

Protect your feet from blisters with the right socks and the relevant sock information:

  1.   Sock factors that affect blister formation

Blisters can be so painful. Here are a few reasons how your socks may be causing blister formation.

  1.   Top sock strategies to avoid foot blisters

Now that you know how socks may cause blisters, here are easy tips to care for your socks and avoid blisters and shoe bites.

  1.   Benefits of wearing two pairs of socks for intense physical activity

Did you know that wearing double pairs of socks can prevent blisters and shoe bites during physical activity? Learn more about double socks here.

  1.   Top blister preventing socks for athletes

Are you a sportsperson who wants to reduce painful blisters during exercise? You’ve come to the right blog post. Take a look at these anti-blister sock selections.

Odor reduction

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The days of stinky feet are over. Read on to learn how to reduce odor with the right sock choice and care:

  1.     Key steps to remove bad odor from your socks

Nobody likes stinky socks. Keep the stench away with these amazing tips. You’ll thank us for these tips when you’re out on your next date.

  1.   A mom’s guide to keeping your kids socks smelling fresh

Being a mom is hard work. Especially when your little ones just love to play and you’re left to deal with their smelly socks later. But here’s something you’ll appreciate. This blog has fabulous tips that moms can use to keep their kids socks clean without having to stretch themselves thin.

  1.     Hacks to keep your socks odor-free when out on long expeditions

Going on a long hiking or camping trip? Here are a few really handy tricks and tips that can help you keep your socks odor-free for a long time.

  1.   Best socks for people who want to reduce odor

You wanted the top selection of socks that resist sweat and smell – so here you go. You’ll love this blogpost.

  1.   What are bamboo socks and how do they beat feet stench

Did you know that bamboo socks are one of the best options to purchase if you want clean-smelling socks? Here you’ll learn all about them.


Comfortable Socks

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Comfort is in the feet of the wearer. So make the most comfortable sock choices using these tips:

  1.   Tips for choosing socks that are right for you

Socks should be comfortable. If you follow these tips, you’ll always buy the pairs that feel like heaven on your feet.

  1.   Top 25 socks every man should know about

These are 25 pairs of socks that no man should ever ignore. They’re stylish, comfortable and affordable.

  1.     What’s better for running? Thin socks or thick socks

Love to run? This blog will help you choose the most comfortable pair of socks for distance running.

  1.   Tips for a comfortable socks and sandals experience

If you want to comfortably pull off the socks and sandals combination, you need to read this blog post right now.

  1.   Most comfortable socks for the disabled and the elderly

The elderly and those who are disabled need socks that can be easy to wear and comfortable to use. Here you’ll find the picks for the best socks for the elderly and disabled to use.


Make your favorite pairs last longer with these friendly tips:

  1.   Easy ways to prevent holes in your socks’ big toe

It’s tiring to see the big toe portion of your socks developing holes and tears, isn’t it? With these key tips you can stop your favorite pairs from tearing at the toes.

  1.   The ultimate guide to the best and the worst materials for your socks

Some materials make for more durable socks, than others. Find out which materials they are and what you should ideally buy.

  1.   Top eco-friendly socks that will last

Durable socks can be sustainable too. Here are our picks for the most eco-friendly and long-lasting sock brands.


Here are some resources that will help you choose socks that make your feet feel loved:

  1.   Easy ways to keep your socks from sliding off

Do your socks refuse to stay on your feet? Here are a few things you can do about this.

  1.   Are your socks too tight for you?

If you notice these signs, then it's time to buy socks that are better fitted to your feet.

  1.   The ultimate style guide for socks for men and women

Fit doesn’t just refer to physical fit. When it comes to socks, fit also refers to how well styled your socks are to the rest of your wardrobe. Learn all about it here in this insightful post.

  1.   Key tips to follow to select socks that are the right size for you

Here is something every sock user must know, to select socks that fit their feet perfectly. 

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