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Care Remote notes and the latest updates


We had a great launch week. Thanks to everyone who supported us. 

There have been a few changes to the site. I thought I would document this to keep people in the loop.

We've added a new section to the site: 'Featured by Care Remote' where we'll feature people, places and things. It's meant to inspire you. 

The color scheme of the site has slightly changed to give our site a more premium feel. I personally, like it. 

We've also stepped up our game on testimonials. We think that our product is so phenomenal that this section will not only provide insights but, it will help others get the best out of our products. 

I have been thinking about offering a course. We may reach out to you to ask you about course topics around lifestyle and quality of life. 

Care Remote does offer a digital marketing service. A few members of our team began working with companies providing services like copywriting, sales funnels, microsites, business models etc. We plan to offer this service in order to support operations for our main focus - our socks. 

There is a new product coming. It's a product that is made for our customers that have therapeutic problems i.e. circulation, diabetes. That's all I will say at this point. 

As some of you may know, we started off in 2012 as a healthcare software company. We in the process of carrying over our customer services processes to our socks business.