Featured in Care Remote - Tamela D’Amico- Filmmaker, Recording Artist (The Orchard-Sony) Model/Social Influencer/Brand | Care Remote

Featured in Care Remote - Tamela D’Amico- Filmmaker, Recording Artist (The Orchard-Sony) Model/Social Influencer/Brand


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At Care Remote We’re putting the focus on a cultural phenomenon whose life is an inspiration. This is a Q & A with Tamela D'Amico that gives us a different, but healthy viewpoint on life. 

Tamela D'Amico~ Cultural Q & A

From: Originally from New York, then the Gulf Coast of Florida then Los Angeles and New York bicoastal for many years.

Education: Florida State University Film School and The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute

Passion: Storytelling through all mediums

Future plans: You got an hour?

Tell me about your family life in a few sentences? 

I come from a hilarious and warm hearted Italian family that taught me what is really important in life and also how to cook and feel very very lucky to have been born into it.

Company: BELLONA Entertainment

Here is a list of  just a few of the companies that she has worked with either as a contract model, brand ambassador or content creator.

Kodak, Panavision, LG USA, FunnyorDie.com, Comedy Central, Atom Films, Wal-Mart, Hoover USA, KrogerCo./Ralphs Grocery, Spa Sciences, Orgain, Goli, Cheribundi, BodyGym, Mellow World,  Triscuit, Tazo, Snapple, Morningstar Farms, Catkin Cosmetics,  Taste It Wines, Macallen Whiskey, Deborah Lindquist Eco-Couture, Briogeo, Revive Superfoods, ByeRuz, WOW Skin Science, Riviera Towel, GhostBed, Solely Fruit, Mixer.com, FabFitFun, Vapur, Peak Scents, Eco-Stars, Current Straw and many more ...the list continues.

What is a typical workday for you?  Nonstop emails. When you run your own business and have a career as a talent, it is nonstop. 

What is really important to you? Family. Health. Sustainability.

What is your greatest achievement in life? 

There are so many great achievements on paper that I would like to pour through and pick one but it’s the small things that no one knows that I feel best about. 

Teaching a 15 year old boy, who had been left back in summer school programs his whole life, how to read. Helping a random kid in the neighborhood ride a bike for the first time. 

Affecting great change in other people’s lives and helping them elevate really makes me feel great. But career wise, at this moment, I am very proud to have been part of a film that changed my life and will hopefully change other lives, entitled One Little Finger, which hired over 80 people with disabilities.

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The film will be available on all streaming platforms (Amazon, Apple, Vudu, etc.) November 16, 2020.  You can watch the trailer here: 


Can you give us a quote to inspire others? Something you live by.

'Question everything presented to you. Don't simply accept the answers. Go on your own journeys. Listen to your gut first, then your heart.

Step into worlds that you are frightened of and that you know little about, so you can broaden your own horizon.' - Tamela D'Amico

How has your life changed since COVID? How have you adapted? 

I am home more, like everyone else. I am a very social person and often throw dinner parties, so that has changed a great deal since we can’t really do that now for obvious safety and health precautions.

The majority of my work life basically ceased but seems to be slowly ramping up, thank goodness.

This pandemic has made me take stock in a lot of things. It made me assess the people in my life, in general. Long term friends faded away. The reasons differ. New friends sharing a similar experience came in.

Who knows if this is for a season or a reason? Long known friends I haven’t spoken to in years came back. The reasons differ. Cycles. It’s interesting. The last ten years seem like a vortex that we were all sped through.

That saying, “your life is the 5 people you surround yourself with.” Nah. Not exactly true. Friends really are your future in a lot of ways. We don’t just need to be more choosy about who we’re spending time with, but rather examine our entire network/community and its influence on our life. I have let go of some truly toxic people in my life over the past five years. And in the process of that, I lost some good and influential ones along the way as casualties of those toxic people.

I choose not to be sad about that and say “this too shall pass” when I know there will be a course correct in the future. I don’t have any regrets in life. It’s all lessons. My heart is big and I have been burned by trusting very wrong people, which I assumed also had my best interest in mind but clearly didn’t.

We each need to know where we align within the larger framework of our social community now. It’s a literal network. I’m not just the average of the five people I surround myself with. It’s way more grand than that. I am the average of all the people who surround me and who have surrounded me.

This year has urged me to take a look around and make sure I am currently in the right surroundings. 

How do you exercise and stay healthy?

Currently doing P90X and Cardio Barre videos at home. Also walking.

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