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A note to our hikers!


At Care Remote, we believe in the power of going against the norm. We believe in community and making an impact. 

Prior to the surfacing of COVID-19 Marvel films were very popular.



It doesn't matter. The films allowed us to step outside of ourselves for a while. 

I would say that superheroes are all around us. Like the people that dare to venture outside and hike.

People that help keep our trails and parks clean. People that appreciate the outdoors and how it adds to the quality of the lives in different ways.

Being resilient is important and it's how we respond to situations. There will be more hardships, it's part of life. Hiking is not just the act of putting your boots on finding a trail. 

It gives us piece of mind and calm and it's almost therapeutic...

Hikers are taking control of their lives- we feel like it's important to help. 

We're working with organizations like: NO KID HUNGRY to fight hunger in the United States. 

It's important that we all maintain our mental health by staying active. 

Again, here are a few benefits of hiking (courtesy of the- U.S. National Parks and Recreation Service:

Natural Exercise

It's one of the best ways to get exercise. Regardless of the type of trail you're on and it's a great total body workout. 

Our muscles and bones become strong. You're putting stress on your body and you're body responds with a rush of new leaves. This is my interpretation but, I mean that when you hike your body has a response on levels that you can't see. 

It improves your sense of balance. Something as simple as balance has to maintained. We do this with everyday activities and hiking is a fantastic way to do this.

Heart health-you heart responds to a hike as well. It gets stronger and more able to recovery from issues.

Respiratory diseases and their risk are decreased. If you have Asthma and you increase your lung capacity with more effort on a hike, you'll feel breathe better. 

Mental Health

Being outside lowers stress, anxiety and decreases depression. You'll also have a heightened sensory awareness. It's good to change your surroundings to take in different smells etc.

Community and Friendship

Head out with a friend. You'll form a bond. You'll strengthen your friendship. It's also great for families. Teaching kids to appreciate nature is a must. 

I remember going on a trip to the Sierra Nevada's with my daughter. 

She was staring out of the window for a while. 

Suddenly, she started singing, 'snow!, snow!, snow!'

'Snow is here!' 

I said to myself, 'calm down it's just snow'. 

I then realized that she had acquired an appreciation for mountains and snow. 

No one can ever take this from her. 

To all of our hikers.

We admire your resilience and desire to keep moving forward. 

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