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Why Going Outdoors Makes You as Strong as a Superhero, Smarter and the Important Item You Need to Know That Can Transform your Experience…


A bit of effort goes a long way. The truth is that we create micro-momentums throughout our days that dictate our direction in life — leaving you with a sense of well-being or a gut feeling of ‘somethings-not-quite-right’.

At least this is what I’ve noticed while spending time in the outdoors while growing up.

Further, while I would never trust people who say they have the magic pill for living a balanced, well-rounded life, I do believe that the outdoors can release us from the monotony of everyday life — leaving people to think, “this all there is”?

In this article, Why Getting Outdoors Makes You Smarter, Stronger, and Wealthier and the Most Important Thing You Can Pack, I’d like to inspire you, by offering insights into the benefits of the outdoors.

As you take that ride, hike, ski moguls, or fly fish you’ll be able to understand why you’re there.

And how the outdoors can make you smarter, stronger and wealthier and the thing that you need to make it happen.

Since the beginning of time, being in the outdoors has been an important part of our lives. It may sound almost unexact or unprecise but, being out there yields real benefits.

Ben Saunders became the youngest person ever to ski solo to the North Pole. He gave a fantastic Ted Talk where he describes why we should get out of the house.

And it seems to me, therefore, that the doing, you know, to try to experience, to engage, to endeavor, rather than to watch and to wonder that’s where the real meat of life is to be found, the juice that we can suck out of our hours and days.”

Before going any further, I would like to let you know something. I am no expert on this topic, but I do have direct experience.

I introduced my daughter to the Outdoors at a young age.

At the age of 12, I would say that she’s an accomplished outdoorsman skiing Giant Slalom, camping, and hiking till sundown.

I have read a lot of books from Dewey and others. This is simply my opinion- take it however you choose.

I lived in Europe for many years exploring different environments and I have studied how people from different cultures maintain a sense of balance by being outdoors.

This article will shed light on transformations that I have seen in people while taking the right approaches to whatever they were trying to accomplish in these outdoor settings.

There’s more…

Before that, I will provide a little context on the benefits of being in the outdoors.

Psychological and Physical Strength


We’re all connected to something larger. Nature like sleep acts as a restorative function for our spirit. For some, that restorative function is Buddha, Confucious, Jesus Christ and for some, it’s a mountain.

The outdoors allows us to distort the pace of time, to slow down and instruments, etc.

reconnect. In an article written by the American Psychology Association, Martha Erickson, Ph.D. states:

“Increasing evidence demonstrates the many benefits of nature on children’s psychological and physical well-being, including reduced stress, greater physical health, more creativity, and improved concentration.”

I remember being taught pediatrics by the Department Head of Pediatrics.

I didn’t have an interest in PEDS until I took this course.

Our instructor said, “pediatrics is like adult medicine in kids”.

There were a lot of similarities except for things like dosages, sizes of

the outdoor activity also has a positive effect on adults.

So, psychological and physical well-being, stress levels and improved cognitive processing will be seen after engaging with the outdoors.

Becoming Even Stronger with Reflection

Previously we discussed psychological and physical strength and the role the outdoor plays in it.

Just because your outside doesn’t mean that you are learning new things and this is where reflection comes in.

Guess what there’s continuity after the team has built trust and bonding. Let’s take this down to the level of an individual.

When Sean and the team returns from their escape, eventually he will ponder or be asked, “Sean, what the hell did you learn, on that mini-vacation you just took.

Reflection is the act of reviewing experiences. Sean reflects on the activities that he was involved with, how he conducted himself and what he could have done better. If Sean is honest he would express, that it did have an impact on him as well as the team.

He is now a better person. You activate a feedback loop. And that feedback loop doesn’t stop with the end of the activity. Let’s carry on…

People that attend events, outdoor activities by themselves or with the family are happier and better to be around. Our brains and our bodies are connected. I know you’re probably saying, “I knew that already.” As we get older our vessels get stiffer — they lose elastic.

The common thinking is that brain function is static.

It’s plastic. When we are active the vessels in our brain release oxygen and sugars.

We can decrease the stiffening of our vessels by being outdoors. One of the keys to changing your brain is to focus your attention. Find interesting things to work on and attempt challenging tasks.

By doing this your brain will release chemical neurotransmitters that enable change. Try it. You’ll be sharp as a tack and you will progressively improve.

You’re stronger and smarter

That’s a lot of information that we’ve covered. The one item you can use to have better experiences, support you in your activities and to get those neurons firing is a sock. But, not any old sock. Let me explain.

The Outdoors is the ‘where’, it’s the spark and a catalyst for learning.

Physical activity means traveling on land. To do that you need support for your feet.

The right sock can help you reap the benefits of physical activity.

Are you looking for a synthetic material or wool?

Begin to think about what you will be using the sock for — skiing, fishing, farming, etc. Are you looking for warmth? Maybe you want your feet to feel cool?

What activities will you be performing? Are you concerned about your products being chemical-free?

You may want chemical-free processing or something all-natural.

Our feet carry us to our destinations. A versatile, multi-wear boot sock is designed for the contours of the feet.

Breathability, wicking and anti-microbial features are built-in to a solid sock. Yes… they can also be worn to work or a business meeting.

Yet, socks come in different materials and weights. Hiking socks will keep your feet warm and comfy during cold winter months. Blistering is a problem and socks can prevent blisters. The wrong sock can lead to blisters, chafing and limits on the physical activity.

Socks used for outdoor activities like hiking should be made of wool or synthetic. Cotton does retain more moisture.

Ideally, the sock will manage moisture through channels in the sock that distribute moisture over the foot and leg.

Consider a multi-wear sock that covers the outdoors, casual and some features for medical (restoration of blood flow leaving the feet rested).

I could go on about socks for days and there are many other aspects to this. But, this should get you moving in the right direction.

To summarize:

The outdoors helps build character which promotes physical and psychological well-being. The outdoors creates the setting for reflection where we can improve with feedback and self-awareness.

Outdoor activity increases our value to society. You’ll increase your potential earnings over a lifetime. I would like to urge you to create momentum in your life by interacting with the outdoors.

We need the right equipment like your new favorite pair of socks — to support our feet to reduce blisters, moisture, breathability and improve circulation.

And a multi-wear sock that complements work and play is the best. The right sock will help you to create new experiences with the outdoors.

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