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Why we chose to offer a good pair of diabetic socks to the general public and healthcare facilities



Care Remote started out in 2012 as a telecardiology business. We provided diagnostic and clinical services while working with our vast database of specialists. It was a challenge to figure out what the area of focus would be. We had to learn about the problems in healthcare. The sales cycle was long so it could take years to close one contract, and it did. We never did things because of trends or because we were being encouraged by people to take on these types of problems. After years of developing products and services like the following: 

  1. A one lead remote patient monitoring system 
  2. An on demand cardiology system 
  3. New workflows for cardiology and plugging hospitals into these systems to generate revenue and clean up backlogs
  4. Cleaning up backlogs of work that was not getting done for hospitals

We saw an opportunity in the area of plain old health. Like our definition of wealth in this country our definition of health had to be something different. We saw this as a concept that included social relationships, spirituality, body and fitness, food and so forth. The hospital of the future will not have the same role as it has today. 

With so much waste in our healthcare system there will need to be ways to keep gas in the tank. Hospitals will be the place where you go to have an operation and to recover. 

Prevention is the gap that has been missing.

Something like diabetes is a large disease that afflicts millions throughout the country. 

Technology has been around yet, it hasn’t been applied in this way. 

Some people would argue that there are plenty of diabetic socks in the market. 

This sock has been designed on top of a foundation. The Advanced Textile 3-in-1 Sock doesn’t perform like other socks. It has been engineered to accomodate a range of wearers. ‘Hot zone’ areas  have been identified and the sock allows movement with less friction. The result is lower rates of injury that make the feet prone to the ulcers, wounds and possible amputation.

Approximately 15-25% of patients with diabetes mellitus will develop a diabetic foot ulcer during their lifetime. One of the problems is that prevention of foot ulceration is very challenging. And the chances of survival after foot ulceration is very low. 

A diabetic sock plays a key role in the prevention of foot care in patients with diabetes. 

The diabetic sock has the same technology as our advanced textile sock for keeping the feet dry, reducing friction and odor. 

As you know diabetics can have poor circulation, nerve damage, poor wound healing, infection and even amputation. The weave prevents the spread of damage which starts from the first metatarsal. So we are offering this sock. 

Technology can occur in places that we are not looking. A diabetic sock that uses technology to make the journey of a diabetic patients easier is an unmet need. Again, the challenge is to keep people out of the hospital, allowing patients to have a sense of safety and support. Diabetes can be a scary disease. With all of the potential complications a product like this gives the patient one less thing to worry about. We are still in testing the sock yet, the results have been very promising. 

Note: If you want to learn about how our sock can help your organization and patients with diabetes get more out of life, you can contact us here.  

Here are the benefits of the sock:

Reduces shear force on foot so the foot is safe from injury

Low friction fiber engineering reduces friction and heat

Moisture channels reduce moisture and lower the risk of infection

Moisture wicking reduces skin breakdown

100% All Natural Antibacterials eliminate foot odor

Thick weave for better circulation, comfort and cushioning

A slight compression lessens leg swelling

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One of our customers has Type II diabetes. He works at a dealership and he never really paid attention to his feet and legs. First he tried our wool multiwear sock and he wore these at work while being on his feet most of the day. We sent him a sample of our sock along with a survey. 

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One of the things that we noted was that he did not have trouble putting them on in the morning. PTFE is used to allow people to slide into or out of a shoe with less effort. 

Other areas like moisture, temperature regulation and comfort were also important if not more important. And he noticed that there was a large difference in how the sock supported his legs and feet compared to other socks. 

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Note: If you want to learn about how our sock can help your organization and patients with diabetes get more out of life, you can contact us here. 


Over the past year, we have seen tremendous changes in our healthcare system. In some cases we simply weren’t prepared. There are many opportunities for improvement and using technology in the right places and having it available to people in need is critical. The use of face masks were unclear. Materials, how to wear them, when and who should wear them is new. Or perhaps it has been something that we have not been thinking about. At Care Remote our mission is to fuse health and technology in ways that inspire optimal health in people. 

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