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10-12mmHg 18-20mmHg Hvy Mid Padded spo-default spo-disabled Synthetic Wool


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9" Mid Knit Wgt Compression 18-20 mmHg Black


18-20mmHg, 9", Mid, Padded, Synthetic

Our compression sock… Compression is a hidden secret. It will keep your feet and legs fresh. 18-20 mmHg. This... View More

12" Mid Knit Wgt Compression 18-20 mmHg Black


12", 18-20mmHg, Mid, Padded, Synthetic

A Swiss Army Knife of a Sock We’re talking about something more than a sock here. This is closest... View More


"I really like the weight and the thickness.  I also like the fact they don't have a huge seam in the toes that rubs your toes,  overall I would say they are very nice, probably my favorite ones that I have in wool because most of them are so thick I can't get them in my boots."


"The socks are great, comfortable, soft. I sweat on my feet a lot and it creates the smelly shoes but, the socks absorbed the smell inside of the sock more than the shoe versus regular socks. Usually, the sweat seeps through into my shoes."

Eric B.