12" Heavy Knit Wgt Wool Gray


12, Hvy, Padded, Wool

Comfort: it is soft and comfortable next to the skin

Odor Protection: as we know wool already has some protection that will evade human smell. Care Remote socks have an antibacterial which is 100% Organic and All-Natural so it's great for the environment. 

Blend: we use an AlPaca and Merino blended sock to extend the properties of Merino wool. 

Durability: fibers refresh and reshape after washes. This is due to the internal structure of the sock which allows it to last longer.

Moisture Management: Care Remote wool responds a bit differently when they come into contact with water. The wool forms a concentration gradient that almost acts like a shield to keep the feet dry. 

Other properties: thinner, it comes into medium weight and heavy weight. The medium weight can be used as a liner in cold weather. The HEAVY WEIGHT WOOL allows you to stand in cold water for up to 3 hours without a care in the world. The socks is a multi-wear sock so there's no need to change between activities. 

If you're gungho about warmth try a medium weight liner under a Heavy Wool sock. You may have to experiment to get that ideal pair up for hiking, hunting, fishing etc.

This socks support a wide range of activities like fly fishing, skiing, equestrian, marathon running. Have a look at our sock chart to learn more:


3 in 1 Polyfiber for any activity. There’s no need to change socks.

Imagine how easy it is. One sock for any activity.


Our socks are designed for an exact fit - like a second skin, band or a wrap.

If you are in between sizes and you wear an 8.5, opt for the 6-8 Size.

CARE Instructions

Machine-wash warm. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low.


Sizing Chart

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