6" Mid Knit Wgt Blue Camo


6, Mid, Padded, spo-default, spo-disabled, Synthetic

3-in-1. Comfortable. Long-lasting and breathable.  

Do you know how much the products you choose impact your lifestyle? It makes a  

HUGE difference! I'm sure you have experienced these quality differences first hand! 

We’ve created a multi-wear boot sock for The outdoors, casual wear, and therapeutic use.. They last longer and refresh and maintain their shape after numerous washes. Our 3-in-1 sock has a proprietary weave. 

And it’s the construction that speeds up recovery after work or exercise. These socks are designed to support the legs and feet. Leaving you feeling safe and comfortable.

BUILT-IN MOISTURE MANAGEMENT AND BREATHABILITY will keep your feet dry and fresh after that 20-mile march. All-Natural anti-odor protection lab-tested in fighting embarrassing odor. 

Low friction zones that reduce blisters. 

We use chemical-free processing to prevent exposure to heavy metals.  

A rare gem for you - put on or take off the tightest boot or shoe with ease. You'll notice a seamless and contoured shape that form fits. 

After a few hours, you’re never gonna want to take them off.  

Join us on our mission to help you optimize your health and lifestyle, across outdoors, casual and therapeutic settings.


Machine wash cold | Use gentle cycles 

Please do not bleach 

Tumble dry on low

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