6" Mid Knit Wgt Compression 10-12 mmHg Black


10-12mmHg, Mid, Padded, Synthetic

Our original boot sock...

It comes with compression - a light squeeze that will keep the blood flowing in your legs and feet. Anyone standing on their feet for long hours would greatly benefit from this sock. 

This is one of our most popular socks. It’s a great fit for any boot. Our sock has been designed with the intention that every fiber performs.

​Imagine if there were a sock that really performed.  Here is how it’s different:

​The fabric, weave, antibacterial properties, ​free of ​metals, durability​,​ the whole 9. The conclusion was that the sock was: breathable, comfortable and anti-bacterial.

If you’ve invested in high quality boots, give them a new lease on life with the 6” Medium Weight Black Boot Sock, get more out of your boots.


Our socks are designed for an exact fit - like a second skin, band or a wrap.

If you are in between sizes and you wear an 8.5, opt for the 6-8 Size.

Care Instructions.

Machine-wash warm. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low.


Sizing Chart

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